Master The Mumbo Jumbo

Reading the label on your beauty bottle can be one of the most daunting thing about skincare. Particularly with all the products on the market, it can be very overwhelming when you’re confronted with all your options. So, here are the basic things to help you interpret all the gibberish.

The Bigger They Are… – With so many ingredients on the box, it’s hard to know how much of something is actually in your products. Luckily, the ingredients are listed from most to least. Normally, ‘Aqua’ is the first thing listed and ‘Parfum’ being near or at the end. If the box boasts a certain ingredient but it’s very far down the list, chances are it’s not going to be very effective.

Size Doesn’t Matter – On the other hand, some ingredients only need .5 or 1% in order to be the most effective. I’d suggest reading up on certain ingredients to see how effective they can be.

Expiring Against You – Expiration dates are particularly important in keeping you looking fresh and firm. All of your lotions and potions have a little jar with a floating lid somewhere on the label. If you want your products to perform at their highest potential, be mindful of the expiration date.



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