Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel Review

I’m always looking for gentle cleansing products to use on those days that my skin needs some TLC without the harsh chemicals. Even so, I still want my skin to feel fresh and thoroughly cleaned. That’s where this products comes in.

Simple’s ‘Kind To Skin’ is one of my favourite ranges and I would recommend it to anybody that has sensitive skin or needs a break from our other harsh products. So buying the Facial Wash Gel was a no brainer for me!

The packaging was very simplistic and didn’t require any strenuous effort to get the product out. The cleanser itself was thick and gel like (What else did I expect from a gel wash?). It didn’t lather up very well and, as somebody that likes a foamy facial wash, this was a definite downside. Otherwise, the cleanser made my skin feel fresh and clean. It also removed my cleansing oil very well and anybody following the 10 step Korean skincare routine knows that a cleanser needs to be able to remove the cleansing oil well. The smell is very faint and didn’t really bother me.

I bought mines in store, but also found them on Amazon for those wishing to buy online. It goes for about £5.00 (UK) and $9.00 (US) both with free shipping.

This review was not sponsored.


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