Neogen Ocean Feeding Fiber Mask Review

I enjoy a sheet mask as much as the next Korean skincare enthusiast – so it’s safe to say I’ve used my fair share of them. Different masks have different ingredients and uses; Glycolic Acid for exfoliating, honey for anti inflammatory and hydrochloric acid for moisture as well as many others!

So, in saying that, the Neogen Ocean Feeding Fiber Mask is by far one of the worst sheet masks I’ve tried to date! I had thought that since other Neogen products had been mentioned and reviewed on Soko Glam, all with seemingly such great reviews, that this mask would be no different. I expected to experience deep hydration and refreshed skin but instead encountered a waxy residue that was left on my face even until the next morning!

The mask was far thicker than any other mask I’ve tried, and wouldn’t properly stick around my chin. The mask material was also rougher than that of a normal sheet mask. The serum in the mask seemed fairly normal, but once I peeled off the mask there was a thick, waxy layer. Even after I went to sleep, the remnants were still there the next morning.

I bought this in a store but they are no longer on sale there so I can’t recommend an online retailer for you to try them yourself. I may not recommend these for people with acne prone skin like mine but it may work for those with dry skin.

This review was not sponsored.


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