Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch Review

As someone that suffers from the occasional (and inconvenient) pimple, I have always looked for ways to get rid of it as soon as possible. Whether that be exfoliating, popping it or applying spot gel, none seem to work as effectively as I would like. So once I heard about this product, I just had to try it.

The small circular patches claim to prevent future breakouts, prevent secondary infection, be hypo-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin and from first use, I couldn’t fault it. It did what it said on the tin. They may only be small but they work quickly, clearing the pimple on my nose within a day. For more porous areas such as the forehead and nose, they seem to work quicker whereas the chin and cheek area takes around 2-4 days.

I have combination skin that can get very sensitive around the cheek area and these patches did not cause any irritation which surprised me due to how adhesive they were. They also didn’t loosen or fall off very easily and, if somebody has a bad habit of touching their face, it helps in the prevention of spreading any infection.

One thing that I would say I disliked about this product was that it doesn’t work on blind pimples, meaning that if the pimple doesn’t have a head, it simply doesn’t have any bacteria to absorb. To reduce redness of blind pimples I would suggest placing a wrapped ice cube on top of the pimple for a few minutes.

At around £5.00 (UK) or $6.00 (USA) on Amazon it’s a good product to have if you’re in a bit of a spot.

This review was not sponsored.


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